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Hey ya'll and welcome to our Amway page. You know,... the makers of XS Energy Drinks, Artistry and Nutrilite? If you already know what to order, go ahead and hit "Shop Now". If not, read on...


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Let's go over the facts...

  • Amway XS Energy drink is delicious but, have you seen the new line?

    • Electrolytes, Energy + Focus, Workout, Muscle Multiplier

  • Amway Artistry Makeup has VEGAN products (from Nutrilite)

    • Vegan : Cleanser + Toner + Moisturizer for Oily [OR] Dry Skin

  • Nutrilite Women's Pack is also good for your Skin, Hair, and Nails!

Amway is a multi-level business established in 1959. The product lines have always been environmentally friendly, used ingredients for maximum effectiveness and made for you and family in mind...

The Nutrilite vitamin and supplement products for instance (Est. 1934), come from Amway's Farms located throughout the world. For the 21st century, Nutrilite has developed a WIDE array of products for skin care VEGAN, weight loss, focus, energy, stress, sleep, hair + skin + nails and so much more. To see the various categories of Nutrilite products, hit "Shop Now" and use the "Shop Products" drop down.

The Artistry skincare and makeup products (Est. 1950's) have always been produced with quality and your skin type in mind. Yes, even sensitive skin! With the introduction of our new Vegan Skincare products (for both oily and dry skin), Artistry continues to be an innovative leader in the health and beauty market

If you'd like to know more about the products, go ahead and browse the products. The product description, ingredients and "how to use" information is well documented. If you decide to buy, please register using the IBO number listed...

If your curious about the business aspect, give us a call to discuss in more depth. Thanks yall, appreciate ya