Am I doing this right? How to develop a Skincare Routine

Updated: May 27

As a photographer and supplier of skincare products, I’ve always wondered how young women out there develop a good skin care routine? Being a guy, I normally just chip away at it and next thing you know – it's a routine. But how do women?

I mean, just starting out you “have to know” so many things before you even step foot into Ulta, Sephora, Target or even Walmart!

I’m sure it’s got to be “scary” – down right ridiculous!

To find out, I decided to ask my customers who are mostly women in their late teen’s / early 20’s. After asking those who are absolutely "religious" about their skincare routine, they said, “idk, it’s something I’ve done since birth” while others, not so religious say, “I just cleanse and moisturize whenever I can”.

Now, talking about ‘how you developed your skincare routine’ is hardly photo session conversation but the takeaway from asking everyone was, “perseverance”!

It doesn’t matter how many Hyram youTube videos you watch…

It doesn’t matter what products the celebs are using…

You have to be determined. Period.

As skincare has become increasingly scientific, every brand claiming superiority, it can be very overwhelming to get started. So much, you might just “deal” with a set of products learned from your mother and run with it. Because it is easier that way… Right? Oh hell no!!

Today you are GOING to BREAK that cycle and do what’s RIGHT for the largest organ in your body!

Here’s a handy dandy skin layer

picture reference you will more

than likely look at multiple times

when reading product information


Every pore is a hair follicle?

Step 1:

Know your skin type. The 4 basic food groups,… whoops I mean, 4 basic skin types: Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination

Here’s a great “interactive”