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Am I doing this right? How to develop a Skincare Routine

Updated: May 27, 2021

As a photographer and supplier of skincare products, I’ve always wondered how young women out there develop a good skin care routine? Being a guy, I normally just chip away at it and next thing you know – it's a routine. But how do women?

I mean, just starting out you “have to know” so many things before you even step foot into Ulta, Sephora, Target or even Walmart!

I’m sure it’s got to be “scary” – down right ridiculous!

To find out, I decided to ask my customers who are mostly women in their late teen’s / early 20’s. After asking those who are absolutely "religious" about their skincare routine, they said, “idk, it’s something I’ve done since birth” while others, not so religious say, “I just cleanse and moisturize whenever I can”.

Now, talking about ‘how you developed your skincare routine’ is hardly photo session conversation but the takeaway from asking everyone was, “perseverance”!

It doesn’t matter how many Hyram youTube videos you watch…

It doesn’t matter what products the celebs are using…

You have to be determined. Period.

As skincare has become increasingly scientific, every brand claiming superiority, it can be very overwhelming to get started. So much, you might just “deal” with a set of products learned from your mother and run with it. Because it is easier that way… Right? Oh hell no!!

Today you are GOING to BREAK that cycle and do what’s RIGHT for the largest organ in your body!

Here’s a handy dandy skin layer

picture reference you will more

than likely look at multiple times

when reading product information


Every pore is a hair follicle?

Step 1:

Know your skin type. The 4 basic food groups,… whoops I mean, 4 basic skin types: Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination

Here’s a great “interactive” skin type quiz to help in determine your skin type.

As for the 4 basic skin types, I can’t stress “Skin Sensitivity” enough. Sensitive Skin can occur in any skin type and is absolutely something you should be aware of when developing your routine. Especially "first" developing your routine!

Now, don’t get me wrong – most sensitive skin issues come from a dry skin type but if the product you get feels “even a little bit off”, don’t discount the sensitivity aspect just because you know your skin type? Return that product! There are plenty of product options to choose from today… even Korean skin care

Here’s a fun article on Oily Sensitive Skin

Step 2:

What are the products for my skincare routine?

Because there are so many product and product treatment options out there, here are the “BASIC” products for a nightly routine:

Makeup Remover Wipes – (use first if wearing makeup)

  • Hopefully your using a makeup primer before applying your makeup

  • Hopefully the makeup primer and makeup are noncomedogenic

  • Use Makeup Remover Wipes with micellar Water

Cleanser – (use first) For your skin type

Toner – (use second – if required) For your skin type

  • Using a toner is optional but something needs to be said about "toners":

  • Toners have a bad reputation of being extremely harsh to the skin – and yes, they were. Toners now a days are used for applying nutrients or even targeted treatments such as acne to the skin. So, let’s start realizing toners are a good thing and not shrug at the mention of...

Eye Cream (use next)

  • I put this step in because the skin around the eyes is very thin and needs specific treatment. A lot of women skip step but in the long run, you will be glad you included it. Most eye cream products are made for all-skin-types.

- Moisturizer (use last) For your skin type

Step 3:

The fun part... Picking your PRODUCT! And it is FUN with a side of sarcasm… Here’s why:

  • You can get cheap product and it will be exactly that; Cheap! Even worse, it can cause skin irritation, clog pores and many more issues you don't need...

  • You can get expensive product and it will be fantastic! But well,... it’s expensive!!

Why did I provide you these extreme examples?

Because when you know what to avoid, it makes things a little less complicated...

This is the main reason why I wrote this blog!

Here's the list of ingredients to avoid in Cleansers, Toners, and Moisturizers:

No Alcohol

No Mineral oil (mineral oil can clog pores)

No Parabens (I love EWG - read this)

No Phthalates (good read)

No Sulfate Surfactants (can cause varying levels of skin and eye irritation)

…and of course, make sure the products are ALL noncomedogenic

Now, after searching google (I’m sure multiple times) for products without the above ingredients and for your skin type, you will have several products and brands to choose from.

Do yourself a favor and document. “Document all of them” – seriously!

The next step will outline selecting a product and start using. If something doesn’t work right – it's less stressful to go through your own documentation than searching google all over again… wouldn't it?

Step 4:

Purchase and Use. Now that you’ve selected the product – it’s time to ultimately put it to the test!

Now, I’ve read multiple posts from various dermatologists that you need to give any new product introduction at least 1 month of use (and I completely agree). In addition, here’s a tip:

During the first week of applying product in “each step” of your routine; allow the product to soak in for 5 minutes before continuing to the next. This will allow you to “feel” your skin’s reaction to the product. If something doesn’t feel right, check the product possible side effects (some are normal and some are deal breakers). If it's a deal breaker, run! As fast as you can and replace it with an alternative product

Using what? Yep, that documentation!

All in all, there’s a bit of “Trial and Error” here so you will need to be patient. And oh yes… have perseverance!

Because you've chosen to read through this, you are obviously goal oriented and I'll leave you with this last bit…

When your routine is established – you have a BASELINE

A baseline is H-U-G-E because you “will” go through various changes in your life (such as stress, diet, hormonal) and it can (and more than likely will) affect your skin and skin care routine…

Now go, have fun with this!

Leave a comment below and let's resolve your

routine creation pitfalls. A solid routine creation vid

is only as good as the lessons we all learn...

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