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So the BLOG begins...

Hello everyone, my name is David Delisle - owner of New Road Studios and ex-Oracle engineer of 20+ years turned creative. Well, maybe not "all" creative; SEO can be quite technical if you dig deep - SERP, JSON, and so much more. AI?...

So, why the hell did you change from an engineering career to being a photographer / videographer? While the answer is complex, the reason is simple. I love to create! We all (well, most of us) see content on IG, FB, YT, TikTok and let's not forget TV and the movies and think it's so cool... Visual representation has always been a passion of mine - I've even used it in my engineering job! There's no better feeling than creating something that tells a story or helps someone struggling than "relatable" and "resolute" content. We're all in this world together so why not!

We started out a couple years ago where I was mostly shooting nature but my Aries personality didn't have the patience for it. So, we tried photography in a very saturated market to boot. After continuous skill improvements over the years, we decided to become more focused on content related to portfolio and product shoots mainly because there's a broad range of storytelling and creativity that can be adopted.

Along the way, we have been privileged to meet and know quite a few folks and their journey. From modeling to acting to just making ends meet.

Now (drum roll please), we are taking our vision to the next level. With a dedicated product line, we now have the opportunity to be as creative as we want! -Sharing the pitfalls, the successes and so much more. In our blog posts, we will discuss various topics including: coming up with an original idea, story boarding, production equipment, life as a model, skincare, location scouting, marketing, etc... The topics are endless!

We hope you join us on this journey and can take away something useful; even if just a little bit. Thanks!

- David Delisle

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