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Modeling: Are COMP Cards Needed Anymore?

When I first started photography, portfolio photography struck my eye. As I always like to know what affects my business, after digging deeper, I found some gibberish (not really gibberish) about composite cards. Or to be known as: "A model's resume". Okay, I can swing with this... Now it got me thinking; is a printed copy of 5 to 6 of your pictures used today?

Hear me out, I know the rules for the shoot:

- Little to no makeup on all pics

- Have some with hair up and hair down

- Keep earrings and other accessories to a minimum (if not removed)

- Use simple backdrops (keep the focus on you!)

- Form-fitting and swimsuit shoots are perfectly fine

Moving on...

Hmm, I know it shows your stats (height, weight, waist, bust, and shoe but, couldn't that be entered somewhere on an Agency Website - intake form? From there, here's my IG, FB, TikTok (yeah, I mentioned TikTok) account link and be done with it? I'm pretty sure most agencies are on social media platforms already (if the staff isn't as well) so there's not an access issue...

Taking it a step further, what about your portfolio book? Do you still carry one around?

I'm fully aware there are many modeling verticals which some include: runway, high fashion and commercial so perhaps they are mainly used in one or two? I'm not sure...

Tell me your thoughts and let's open this discussion up

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