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What the Under-Tone?

You ever find yourself sitting at a restaurant or cafe, see another woman walk in and all you see is "The Outfit"?

It's like the outfit straight up had volume control and home girl turned it UP! Or, you don't even see her, they kinda blend into the background...

This isn't an outfit problem and it sure isn't the woman's problem (see what I did right there?), it a color problem. So maybe it "IS" the woman's problem! But, you didn't hear that from me! It's surprising how many women don't know their skin under tone but that's about to change. Right Now! And what's nice... it's simple to check!

On a clear mid-day, stick the underside of your forearm into the sun and if you see:

- Red and pink with bluish tints (your veins don't count) - Congrats - Your a COOL

- Yellow, peachy and golden hues (spray tan doesn't count) - CONGRATS - Your a WARM

- Olive or blend of cool and warm - Congratulations, your skin tone is not very common (in a great way) and, your a NEUTRAL

Whoa Whoa, what about us COOL and WARM folks? Definitely not a problem, it's only an under-tone but it can make a huge difference!

Check out these simple swatches (definitely not all the colors, just the best) that can help you pick the right colors next time your shopping or even, thumbing through your closet making sure you've got the right stuff!

Cool Colors: (and you are soo COOL!)

Warm Colors: (Awhh, so WARM!!)

Neutral Colors:

Umm, Ur good to go!!

How am I supposed to remember this? Especially when I'm out shopping with my friends... You're right, it isn't always apparent if a color is warm or cool. Best thing to do (before you can identify it freely) is keep a picture on your under-tone pallet on your phone with a name starting with an underscore (Eg. _skintone_pallet.jpg). It will keep that picture at the top and remind you every time you look at pictures. Tell your friends (especially if they are your same skin tone) to remind you of it as well. It also brings up conversation with your besties...

Bookmarking also works but it's all a matter of personal preference

Just know the compliments will definitely increase. If not, you'll look damn good regardless

Happy Shopping you Under-Tone Expert You!!

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