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The Process

Doesn't everyone have a camera?

The camera itself is simply a tool used to capture moments, memories and emotions through the lens, but the passion and love for the art of photography comes from the ability to capture the details and emotions that make each photograph unique.

As a Fashion Art Photographer, attention to detail is crucial to creating visually stunning and impactful photographs. Every aspect of the image, from lighting and composition to clothing and accessories, must be carefully considered and thoughtfully executed.

With our process, we will create images that you will enjoy for years to come. We first evaluate your wardrobe in person and discuss the various themes, moods and setup options you would like projected. The studio will then take an image of the wardrobe's color and establish a complimentary color scheme. We will continue the conversation and see if a professional hair stylist and makeup artist is necessary and finally; we will set a date for the shoot itself.

The composition setup takes approximately 1 week (unless using in-house props) to ensure prop availability, custom paint and patterns to be applied.

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