GVM 80w continuous light

Snoot with gobos and color gels

2x 100' LED rope

4x LED soft light with remote

2x LED fill light with remote

120cm flash umbrella

Sekonic L-308X-U light meter


5x 8'x8' mobile walls on casters

6x electronic backdrop (colors)

Multiple 12"x12" mirrors

Portable acoustic foam walls

Green screen (vinyl or cloth)
Pixel WM-10 wireless lavalier mic
Multiple folding tables

Multiple conference room chairs

Various bar stools/Directors chair

Tan/Brown chaise

White wooden sitting/prop boxes

Multiple colored drapes

2x folding poker tables

Ping pong table


Nikon Z 6 (full frame mirrorless)
Nikon D610 (full frame DSLR)
Atmos Ninja V (2x battery + SSD's)
F-Mount 24mm f1.8
F-Mount 50mm f1.8
F-Mount 85mm f1.8
Z-Mount 24-70mm f4


The dedicated studio consists of 1200 square feet of open space with white concrete floors and drywall. Includes A/C + Heat and WiFi. Also includes a private changing room with lighted vanity, hair dryer, curler and straightener.